How can I submit my film?

Please register your film online at Fill out all information properly and send your film and the requested material through the requested way.

When may I submit for the next festival?

Submissions will only be accepted during the announced submission period.

What films do you screen?

ALFILM is showcasing in its OFFICIAL SELECTION a current panorama of feature films, documentaries, short films and video art with a completion date within the previous three years.

What is the difference between a shortand a feature film in terms of running time?

A short film has a running time of 30 minutes or less, including all credits. A feature film is defined as any film with a duration of more than 70 minutes. The majority of the short films we screen are programmed into approx. 90-minute blocks, while mid-length films are also combined.

What material do you need to complete my submission?

For both feature length as well as short films we require an online screener with English or German subtitles. This has to be provided in the submission form. Other visual materials and a press kit will be requested at a later stage in the event of a selection.

Can I submit my film on facebook or via email?

No way. No submissions will be accepted on Facebook or email. Moreover, messages regarding pending submissions or selection results on Facebook will be completely ignored.

I am having technical difficulties submitting my film on the submission form. What can I do?

In case of encountering problems, please send an email to explaining the problem in detail. The more information you include, the better we can support you: e.g. the browser you are using, your computer system, screenshots, etc.

Can I submit my film with an online viewing copy rather than sending DVDs?

Yes. Please refer to the technical specifications page for further details. Make sure that your link and password (if needed) are valid until end of April. In case you don’t have an existing link, you will be provided with a dropbox link upon your submission, where you can manually upload your film.

Should you encounter any major difficulties uploading your film, please contact us via email to

Will I hear from ALFILM after I submitted my film?

All filmmakers will receive a confirmation email, when their entries are successfully finished. Notification about the completion of the submission will be sent out by the end of January. If you have not heard from us until end of January, please send an email to

How and when do I know if my film got selected or not?

Filmmakers of selected films will be informed via email as soon as their films get selected. Selection results will be published in time. Filmmakers whose films where not selected will be notified by the end of February. Messages regarding pending submissions or selection results on Facebook will be completely ignored.

Can I contact you on Facebook or mail and ask if my film got selected or not?

Please give us time to do our job properly and don’t ask about selection results while the process is still ongoing. Messages on Facebook regarding the selection process will be completely ignored.

I am a filmmaker from country XYZ, can I submit my film?

ALFILM is a platform for Arab films, that we define as but not limited to films by a director from the Arab world, produced or co-produced in an Arab country or about an issue closely related to the Arab world. If your films fit one or more of these three categories, you’re welcome to submit.

Can I submit more than one film?

Sure. You are welcome to submit more than one film, but please keep in mind that only films with a completion date within the previous three years of the festival are eligible for the OFFICIAL SELECTION. Older films will be considered for selected special programs only.

My film won't be done in time for your submission deadline.Can I submit a rough cut? What about a trailer or assembly edit?

ALFILM does accept work-in-progress cuts (picture lock with temp sound, color, etc.), but we will not accept subsequent cuts of more complete versions. Our selection team will only preview the first submitted cut. Please send your film in the most complete and finished form possible. We will NOT view or consider anything sent in lieu of a nearly finished film, including trailers, screenplays, press kits or letters. If selected for the festival, you will be required to supply a screening copy of the final cut of your film.

I have already submitted to other festivals, can I still submit to ALFILM?

Yes, of course. If your film was accepted at other festivals in Germany prior to the screening at ALFILM, please let us know in advance.

Is my film eligible for any awards?

ALFILM is a non-competitive festival and offers no awards.

What premiere status does my film need to have when screened at ALFILM?

We wish for the widest possible audience for Arab films and therefore do not insist on a specific premiere status. Nevertheless a Berlin premiere is favored.

I submitted my film last year and it was not selected, may I re-submit?

No. If your film wasn’t selected for the edition you’ve submitted for, it will be automatically considered for later editions. Therefore there is no need to re-submit and thus create multiple entries for the same title.

If my film is selected, what format will I have to provide for theatrical exhibition?

Film formats and video systems that can be presented at the festival are: 35mm, Digital Cinema Packages (DCP), BluRay and DVD, as well as MPEG files and Quick Time. Please check our digital film specifications in any case.

When do you need my screening copy?

The screening copy of your film should arrive in our office 3 weeks prior to the festival at latest. If that should not be possible because the screening copy is still at another festival or due to another important reason please contact us immediately.

If my film is accepted for ALFILM, will the festival pay for my housing and/or travel?

Dependent on the amount of travel funds raised we are only able to invite a handful of filmmakers to present their work in Berlin and cover part of their travel and accommodation expenses. For all filmmakers whose films were selected, we gladly offer festival badges for you and up to 5 members of your team.