For regular accreditation a 35 Euro fee applies.The accreditation for students of film universities studying film production is free, groups of a minimum of 12 students receive a discounted accreditation of 20 Euros a person. Please send your advance bookings for this purpose to


For any further questions please contact us on

Deadline for accreditation is 27.03.2020

For any further questions please contact our press office.

or send an email at:

Deadline for accreditation is 27.03.2020.


For a successful accreditation please upload the files listed. Please mention your first and second name in the file’s name.

 Please upload the following the file/s:

  1. Passport photo (name_first name_photo)
  2. Scan of your press card (name_first name_press card)
  3. Two current journalistic texts or an order letter from the editors

You have to upload them to the link that will be sent to your e-mail.